Frequently asked questions

What is Definitive Hybrid Flooring made from?

Definitve Hybrid Flooring is made using the latest technology known as SPC (Stone Plastic Composite), predominantly Limestone and PVC resin.

How should i protect my floor?

Have door mats at all entrances, sweep or vacumn frequently, use and frequently replace thick felt or rubber stoppers on all furniture legs and bases. Keep pets nails trimmed. Refer to Floating Floor Installation and Maintenance Guidelines for more information.

Why Definitive Hybrid Flooring over solid timber, engineered timber, laminate or vinyl flooring?

Definitive Hybrid Flooring made from SPC, which provides a extremely stable, waterproof and durable product unrivalled by other products. Definitive Hybrid Flooring is of the highest quality with a hard wearing waterbased UV ceramic ultra matt coating and EIR (regiestereed emboss) surface. Definitve Hybird Flooring offers a real timber look, and feel which being much more resitant to the environment and provide huge cost savings. Definitive Hybrid Flooring requires minimal maintenance. Suitable for many environments. Pre-installed acoustic backing, together with the valinge 5GI patented locking system allow for easy and fast installation.

Can Definitive Hybrid Flooring be installed over existing flooring?

Yes Definitive Hybrid Flooring can be installed over existing flooring (timber, concrete, tiles atc). Please refer to our Floating Floor Installation and Maintenance Guidelines.

Can i use a steam mop to clean my Definitive Hybrid Flooring?

No. Do not use a steam mop under any circumstances to clean your flooring. Please refer to the Floating Floor Installation and Maintenance Guidelines for specific cleaning information.